Ahmed Nabi K.


All Future updates will be in Googlesheet I am shifting all the traffic and revenue updates to a google sheet just to make things easy to understand (all consolidated data in one place) and I will keep the sheet updated till I reach $1000 per month in revenue. The google sheet will be public for …



Kulki Creatives is a design and branding consultancy team based in Lahore. Farooq is the lead designer and has put together a small team of creative designers and branding specialists in 2019 to help small business launch products across multiple niche markets. I have joined Farooq’s team as a marketing resource and look after the …



Aurochs – named after a 16th century extinct ancestor of domestic cow – is a high-quality handcrafted leather accessories brand that I started in 2016 with Farooq Kamal. The concept was to design and craft daily carry items that are minimalist yet functional by utilizing the 1700 years old Indus valley craftsmanship that resides at …

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Is It Possible to Make a Time Machine? – Theories, Possibilities & Paradoxes

time travel wormhole hyperspace

Is it possible to make a time machine? What will happen if we travel back in time and change history? Is the nature of time immutable & fix or fluid and flexible? These are some of the few burning questions you might have if you are slightly interested in the concept of time travel. The …

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